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Startup Weekend Pitch an Idea Pitch a Tent

  • Camp Douglas Smith 5515 West Nurnberg Road Free Soil, MI, 49411 United States (map)

Where The Innovative Come to Pitch an Idea...and a Tent.

Sparks of genius only come once in a blue moon. The great ideas--the ones that bring people together and get people excited--take work. A lot of work. That’s where Startup Weekend comes in. Camp Douglas Smith is the venue hosting Startup Weekend where creatives, techies, strategists, and entrepreneurs will form cross-functional teams, pitching their big idea for the chance to make it into something more. We mentioned we’re bunking at a 100 year old camp, right?


Along the shores of Hamlin Lake, the only thing calling for your attention is your big idea. No distractions, no bustling cityscape: just you, your team, and hours of ideation. With all the amenities you’d expect from a Startup Weekend--housing, internet, workshop access, coffee--Camp Douglas Smith offers in a setting that reflects the summer camps of childhood. Because, well, it was.

The weekend will be challenging. No question. The amount of coffee to be consumed? Ungodly. The opportunity? Invaluable. This is Startup Weekend like you’ve never seen it before. Join us, and immerses your mind, body, and spirit in the creative process of bringing an idea to life.