From 1916 until 1982, this piece of paradise on Hamlin Lake was operated as a camp for boys, girls and families. In 1982, Lee and Gloria Pomeroy, whose father and grandfather were both caretakers of the property, bought Camp Douglas Smith and made it their retirement home until 1997, when John Quiring bought the property to protect it from commercial development.

Camp History and Information

1911: Winnetka Congregational Church started sponsoring summer camps for Winnetka youth

1916: Camp moved to the north shore of Upper Hamlin Lake, near Ludington, Michigan

1936: Camp Douglas Smith was deeded to the Winnetka Community House by one of the church members in honor of his father

1936-1982: The Community House ran Camp Douglas Smith with a four week program for girls, a four week program for boys and a one week family camp

1983: Camp Douglas Smith closed

1984: Camp Douglas Smith was sold to Lee and Gloria Pomeroy

1984-1998: The Pomeroy’s renovated the lodge into a retirement home and maintained the camp property

1998: Camp Douglas Smith sold to John Quirring

1998-present: John Quirring renovated the camp and opened it up to track teams, scouts and youth groups

2016: Camp BluSky opens

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